Molo’s combines classic  methods and ingredients with diverse flavors to create a delicious twist on popular favorites.

   MoLo’s is an acronym of initials formed from Mike O and Leslie O the owners of Molo’s Miami Grill. Mike and Leslie have been in the restaurant industry for more than  30 years, giving both an ample pool of knowledge in the  culinary and service aspect of the business.

   Miami Grill came across  our minds after having lived in Miami at some point in our lives, it is the best place for every type of cuisine. Think of Miami as an international city that happens to be in America, which means that you can find good food from a slew of different countries around the world.

   Miami is a reflection of its diverse population, with influence from the Caribbean,Latin America and American cuisine that has spawned a unique South Florida style of cooking known as Floribbean Cuisine.